Aia - Weekend Chronicles

Waters of Mindanao

We've been dreaming of going to Mindanao ever since we started traveling. It's no secret that Mindanao has this stigma of violence, so we had doubts about pushing through with this trip. As Filipinos, we know that the most beautiful untouched places are in Mindanao. So despite that stigma, we…

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Mang Jesus and Bais

(Please read my edit below regarding issues people have experienced with Ate Jenn like we also slightly did). We arrived late in Dumaguete thanks to Cebu Pacific's consistency when it comes to punctuality. 7am was our ideal arrival time which was just enough for us to travel to Bais and…

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Pixie and La Union

Labor day. We had planned this since February. Our family talked about taking Pixie to our province during the summer to let her experience how life in the province is. Nene was supposed to come but she wasn't available. Too bad for her, she missed half of her life. Haha…

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