Labor day. We had planned this since February. Our family talked about taking Pixie to our province during the summer to let her experience how life in the province is. Nene was supposed to come but she wasn't available. Too bad for her, she missed half of her life. Haha

My brother and my cousin were there for a week already when we took off. We chose to travel during the night to make Pixie as comfortable as possible. It was a success because she mostly slept through the trip. Well, maybe because she had her own comfortable seat with all her pillows to make the smell familiar.

Then we got to our house in La Union. We immediately took her leash off and let her wander around.

I wasn't able to take a lot of photos. Sometimes she doesn't like it. She immediately stops whatever she's doing once I take out my camera and point it at her.


The real plan was to take her to the beach and let her enjoy the crashing waves and sand. So we went to Villa Navarro to do it. Its beach has this distinct black sand. Though it's not a fancy resort, it was still relaxing.

I took some shots and of course, I took that all too familiar one.
I'll never get tired looking at this view

Anyway, when we let her step on the sand, she didn't like it. I guess she was too scared of the big waves (she's a small dog). And it was her first time to see and feel it, anyway. But when she's not stepping on it, she's ecstatic.

I took advantage to take photographs while my cousin, my brother and her girlfriend were playing and walking around with her.

My cousin, Roi (Ken). He likes to travel too!

We watched the sunset and it was a good one.

Well, sunsets in La Union never disappoint.

Feeling a little comfortable, already

Flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict

During our second day, kuya Ken, my brother and his GF, and I decided to go to San Juan. It was just actually my second time going there. My first was last year and it was so short, I can't remember much. They've been going there since the week before and kuya Ken was almost like a San Juan local because he's been going there almost like every month. But there's one place he's been craving and telling us all to go to.

Apparently, it means shipwreck washed ashore

San Juan is a crowded place during summer and there are events almost every week. I was really refreshed when we came to this place. Though there are a lot of people, it wasn't that crowded and it had a chill vibe that will seep through your skin.

It's an art hostel. From the setup to the tiny details. It was all designed for artsy backpackers. Well, I don't normally do recommendations for inns or hotels but this is one for the books.
Hipster stage
A watering pot shower
They serve local and imported beers

We waited till sunset, drank beer and munched on their delicious All-Meat pizza. It was definitely one of those nights I want to do again.

Pixie's Second Try

During the afternoon, my mom brought Pixie to try again. And she still didn't want the feeling of the sand. I hope she didn't get a phobia or something. She kept on going to my mom or wherever the grass was. Anyway, at least, she experienced it. And I'm looking forward to bring her back and hopefully, she'll enjoy the beach as much as we do.


While kuya Ken kept on talking about why we should go to Flotsam and Jetsam, I in turn, kept on insisting hiking Tangadan Falls. So on our third day, we woke up early and went straight to Tangadan. It was just the both of us this time.

We first went to San Juan then asked tricycle drivers around to take us to Tangadan's jump-off site. When we got there, we were provided a guide which we paid 1000 php. We wanted a guide because we were unsure of how difficult it was. Our guide was really friendly anyway, so I guess it's okay.

It was a tiring hike. It wasn't that difficult if you have hiked before or at least you have a sense of balance. But for first timers, I'd say it's not easy. It took us around four hours to complete the hike (back and forth).

The path to Tangadan was alluring. We came across different types of terrain. And, every single one of them was breathtaking. There was even a moment that I doubted if we were still in the Philippines.

We came across rice paddies

Water streams


Cliffs. This one was where kuya Ken jumped... after gathering his strength for 40 years! :)

Rocks, and kuya Ken's adventurer pose haha
And more rocks

Wooden bridges without handles. Though short, it still was kinda scary

Narrow walkways


It really wasn't for the weak heart, though I saw some old people and their children but I'm not sure if they finished it. But us? We were so tired and drenched. It was even amazing to realize how a simple hut can bring so much happiness.
We found this hut on a cliff where we rested for a while

After a while, we finally reached the falls. Understandably, there were a lot of people since it's a holiday. It was nice but I prefer if it wasn't too much touristy.
I actually did my best to find an angle where there weren't much people

It's also worth noting that the path and the falls themselves were already starting to get really dirty. People's trash were all over the place. Mostly candy wrappers and other things kids normally eat. I hope the government starts to implement rules and I hope the people learn to respect mother nature before it's too late.

Worth It

We went back to San Juan with our skins burnt, bodies dehydrated, feet aching. But all were worth it.

The path to Tangadan falls is a paradise. 'Nuff said.