I mentioned in my previous post that our Siquijor trip was very gloomy. It rained so heavy that we got stuck in our inn the whole time since our second day. Bad luck. Then, I remembered all the blogs I've read and their introduction to Siquijor that it's a place believed to have witches and aswangs. Something magical that's not of this world.

Were we jinxed? Nope, it was far from it.
Dark magic? Nope not dark, but yes, it was magic.

True magic.

True magic that lies in a few simple things found in this beautiful, little island-province...

Its perfect, clean port

The long bridges that lead to secret houses

The sound of splashing waters and laughing children
Capilay Spring Park

The gorgeous forests - thick or bald.

Little secret paradises

Cliffs that send shivers to your spine

Things so priceless, I would never get tired of experiencing again, and again.


Even if it was raining cold, we were still fortunate. Because I've seen a sight that is probably closest I'll ever get to heaven.

Sunsets and sunrises happen so fast you don't want to blink an eye. Nene was asleep the whole time and I just can't call her at all. It happened so fast but I was able to savor it while it lasted.

A shot of awe. This photograph will never give justice to the real thing. What a wonderful world, indeed.

It was cold, but this realization gave me warmth and comfort. I felt light. It's like all of my baggages were suddenly gone.
I felt lucky to be in that place at that exact time.

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. - G. Clark

I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything in this world. Ever.