coron - Weekend Chronicles

Breathtaking Coron

After three weeks, here I am, still unable to cope with the daily grind. My head's still in Coron. I won't say much, because words will never do justice to Coron. Even my photographs. It's meant to be savored. It's meant to be experienced. It's that place. That place where…

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First Time in Coron

On top of every traveler's wishlist would probably be good weather. Unluckily for us, Typhoon Ompong decided to show up just in time for our trip. We took the challenge with good faith and kept our fingers crossed the entire trip. This entry is for anyone who's as clueless as…

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Brownout Coron

If there's one thing you will remember about Coron (well, aside from the breathtaking lakes and beaches), it's definitely the daily 'brownout'! Every night at around 7-9pm, the power goes out. Though most of the establishments, especially hotels, have portable generators that have 1-3 hours worth of juice. But if…

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