Our boat has just docked in Sibulan Port. The ferry ride felt like a 2-hour long hangover. We barely made it without vomiting.

Just a few steps away from the ferry, we immediately felt better because of the warmest greeting from the sunset. "Welcome Home", it said.

I cannot believe we're back and with such favorable weather too. Dark skin, sun burn and aching bodies, we’ve been ready for you!


It's 5:50 am. I woke up to the smell of sauteed garlic. Aia got up early to cook breakfast for the three of us. I had zero cooking skills so I was in charge of food prep, plating (if you can call it that) and dish washing.

Around P250/person for 6 meals.

We decided to keep a strict budget when it came to food. We chose to eat unhealthy processed food for the whole trip, which we somehow regret.

It’s so great (but still a bit difficult) to wake up early in the morning. I live for morning walks on the beach. Everything is so fresh. Each of your senses is magnified.

It's a daily routine for some locals to walk through the low tides and catch small crabs

You see every detail, hear every sound, and feel everything that you come in contact with.

Our good old friends.

This is something I can get used to. To spend every morning like this, would be a dream.

The Tour

Tours are done on tricycles for P1,000 per tricycle.

Aside from the usual spots, there are a lot of beautiful landscapes around Siquijor.

Since it was Keyt’s first time here, we modified the tour we took last year. We stayed longer at our favorite spots and skipped some places.

Our magical tree still stands in the middle of nowhere. It was exciting to see it again.

The kid with no slippers. We gave him P30.00 because he said it’s what slippers cost. Hope you’re not walking barefoot the next time we see you.

P5.00 Fish Spa.

What I value most about Siquijor is that locals don’t overcharge on tourist spots. Entrance fees are free or P5.00 at most.

1/3 Cambugahay Falls.
Entrance to Salagdoong Beach

The Jump

We are cowards. Last year, we said we’d jump once we came back but the height was terrifying. I still couldn't stand on the edge.

Our trusty third wheel, who’s always in charge of the action, made the jump.

I could say it was a difficult dive because Keyt tore the inside of her upper lip, and how the others who tried it didn't land so well.

Stress free life.

The shore of Salagdoong Beach is not that wide but the space is just enough for you to spread your beach mat, lie down and relax.

I truly believe in the magic of Siquijor. That the island is wrapped in this mysterious magnetic force that draws you in and sends you into this deep sense of belonging, peace, and happiness.

We’re fine with being tagged as visitors for now, but who knows in the future!