The beach has always been an escape and Patar is one where you don't have to go too far away from home. The 6-hour bus ride and 30-minute bumpy tricycle ride was well worth it.

Patar beach

Everything that a Beach Trip is

I've waited months for this. To be able to lay on my beach mat, press my toes into the sand and give the sun's violent rays permission to seep through my skin.

G Resort's beach front

To wake up to a beautiful view of the ocean while tapsilog and fresh fruits are waiting for me at the table.

Jump shot!

And to have cheesy photos that are just too fun not to do.

Before eating lunch at La Parola de Bolinao

We're back on the beach again. We're here. Old and new friends, prepped w/ love and ghost stories, drinks, the beach and a whole weekend in this simple paradise.

Marlon, savoring the moment

As we end our first day with this beautiful sunset, we're left in awe with how much beauty Patar Beach holds. It makes us look forward to another day in Bolinao with extra excitement.

Down and Up

The dirty Bolinao Falls which isn't evident in this photo. Don't go to this place. It's expensive and not worth it.

I guess a trip always has its ups and downs. This view of Bolinao Falls is a big dissappointment. Although you can still see traces of a once clean and beautiful waterfalls, its present state is one major set back.


Good thing friends are always there to save the day and bad experiences also make good travel stories.

So, About the Title...

Patar Rock Formation

A mini-well that has its own ecosystem

The moment we have all been waiting for came.

When we thought Bolinao couldn't wow us more, it showed us its fullest form.

We could spend hours just floating in its blue waters. Jumping from the edge to swim with small fishes underneath the rocks covered with seeweeds and corals (btw, not having waterproof camera was torture).

Patar Rock Formation Mirror Sunset

It's a rare thing. To be in the right place, at the right time and with the right people. It would be difficult to tell you exactly how it felt. But it was like finally finding that one thing you were searching for but didn't know exactly what it was until you found it.

You see, I don't want to blog about Patar because it now holds a deep and special spot in our memories and our hearts.

The sunset, the water, the sand, and the rocks. Everything was perfection. I'd hate for everyone to know about it and then destroy it by taking it for granted. I never want it to lose its magic.

But, I guess the real magic is to let more people build their own story about Patar. I just hope that people will be responsible enough to treasure this paradise.

Us :)

Sunsets are always the perfect ending to each day and tomorrow's our last morning in Bolinao. But, even so, we already got what we came here for.