Nene and I have been swamped by a lot of work the past few weeks. And we've been talking about saving our past travels in photographs here in our blog. Like memories in photographs, hence memographs. But as much as we want to, there's just not much time. Plus we're going to Coron in a few weeks with Keyt and we can't wait any longerrrr! Btw, if someone's reading this, please post a comment of a good itinerary for Coron. We're thinking of staying in an island for a night, but we don't know who to talk to. :(

Anyway, since we've been unable to post anything, here's a photo from Guimaras, Philippines, specifically from SEAFDEC. It's an old photo from our old Wordpress blog. It was a fun trip and it was our first time to travel alone! So much memories that time that it deserves a repost here!