Every first day of the lunar year, the chinese community celebrates its arrival through traditional practices and festivities. This year we decided to be part of the celebration and what better way to experience it first hand than going to Chinatown, Binondo.

How to Get There:


Ying Yong Rice - p140
Shrimp Chong Fan - p70
Milk Tea Jelly - p65 x 3
HK Lemon Tea (Cold) - p55
Roasted Duck Fried Rice - p210 x 2
Hakaw - p75 x 5
Buchi - p65
Steamed spareribs rice - p140

Total: p1,460 for 5 hungry people

Random Takeaways:

  1. Avoid bringing a car. But if you have to, valet parking & parking spaces are available within the area.
  2. Arrive as early as possible for the dragon & lion dance.
  3. It is safe to bring your DSLRs but still be careful and alert.
  4. For photographers, it is best to always have your camera ready (too many good photo opportunities).
  5. Expect hundreds of people flocking the streets especially Ongpin.
  6. If you plan to eat at Wai Ying, go directly to the counter to reserve a spot and DON'T ORDER THE YING YONG RICE!
  7. Best meet up place: Binondo Church
  8. All stores and restaurants have very long cues.
  9. Hopia runs out too quickly.
  10. Don't miss out on the SHANGHAI FRIED SIOPAO beside Wai Ying. It's the best siopao you'll ever taste.
  11. If you happen to come across a group of dancers wearing scary outfits, remember that the chinese don't support them and considers them bad luck.
  12. DON'T ATTEMPT A FOOD TRIP unless you plan on waiting in long lines the whole day.

Binondo in Photographs